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How to Install Star Trek Continuum Homeworld Remastered Mod in Steam


Star Trek Continuum is a mod for Homeworld Remastered that is a must have for all Star Trek loving PC gamers. This mod replaces all the original Homeworld ships and mother ships withe starships and starbases from Star Trek. It includes five different races to pick from; Star Fleet, Klingons, romulans, Borg and Kardashian (I know, Star Fleet isn’t a race), a few different game modes from invasion to Death match and four distinct time periods with all the appropriate ships and starbases. These guys really did an excellent job on this mod, the graphics are amazing and a game play is out of this world.

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Pokecentral Server Pixelmon Dark Update

Can’t logon to

Update: For the latest on Minecraft setup join and follow this link: Pokecentral of Discord.

So, I’m not a Minecraft player, I am my 7 year old sons Minecraft IT guy. That’s almost what you’ll need if you kid wants to install mods on Minecraft for PC. In this post I will discuss an issue we had and in figuring it out I found a much easier way to install and manage mods on Minecraft.

Last week we (my kid) ran into some problems connecting to the server. I was able to see it in my server list and could see that other people were on the server but was unable to connect. When I would try I would get the following error.

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