ShareMouse – How to Use One Keyboard and Mouse to Control Two Computers

So I have two Windows 10 PC system that are setup next to each other. One is my gaming rig and the other is a server/multimedia set up I have hooked up to a 50 inch TV mounted to the wall above my game computer. I was looking for a solution where I could control both PCs with one of mouse and keyboard. I initially was looking for some sort of switching hardware that would allow me to plug in the mouse and keyboard in to it and then connect that switch to both computers, so I could easily switch back and forth between the two.

While researching the hardware switch options I ran across some software called ShareMmouse made by a German software company, let me tell you, I am glad I did. This software is free for up to two computers, lightweight, and only took about 2 minutes to install and configure.

I downloaded the software on both computers, the software identify both PCs on the network and automatically linked up. With this software I am able to take my mouse and moved to any edge of the monitor that I have selected in settings and once I hit that edge with my mouse immediately, through the network, takes over the client computers mouse and keyboard and allows me to control the mouse and keyboard on this other computer remotely. I have not noticed any lag at all using the mouse or keyboard at all. It even allows you to drag and drop files between the computers. This software is awesome!

Problem solved, I am now able to control both PCs with one mouse and keyboard with no additional hardware or cables. All that is needed is the software on both computers set up was very easy, all I did is make some adjustments to how I wanted the software to ask, where to leave one screen and show up on the other, I also disabled the default dimming setting. The damn setting dens the light level on the monitor not being used, I did not like this because of how I am using these computers. Other than that there was nothing else I had to do, it just worked.

I have included the link for the download page of the software and an instructional video on how to install and set it up, which is almost not needed but doesn’t hurt to watch.

Download Page: ShareMouse Download


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