Does the Play Station 4 VR Head Set Work On PC

So, does the PlayStation VR work on PC? The answer is yes or kind of. You can connect the PlayStation VR to your PC using the splitter (PSVR Processor Unit) that comes with the PSVR. You simply plug the HDMI that would go from the processor unit to the PS4 and plug it into your PC instead of the Play Station.  You are able to see your computer screen, be it a game or whatever it is you are doing. There is no support for virtual reality environments using the PlayStation VR headset on PC because the play station processor unit is not suttorted by PC. This is the ketch, the processing unit must be plugged in to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation has to be running, not in rest mode  in order for this whole thing to work. So the answer is yes, you can use the PlayStation virtual reality headset on your PC, your PC will see it as a second monitor or the only monitor if that’s all that is plugged in but you must have the headset processor unit USB cable plugged into your running PS4. Not a real good solution, although it is still pretty cool having a huge PC screen huvering right in front of you while playing Home World Remastered, if you have all of your devices together so that they can all be interconnected. It certainly creates a little bit of a mess with the cabling but again can do it.


Being that the PlayStation virtual reality gear is very new I am hoping sometime in the near future drivers are created for the PC where you can plug the PS control module directly into your computer and cut the PlayStation 4 out of the equation. If a driver was also created for the PlayStation 4 stereo camera, I don’t see any reason why the virtual reality environment couldn’t be supported on the PC using your PlayStation virtual reality headset. Fingers crossed!

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