Dell Optiplex 990 Case Upgrade

Are you using your Dell OptiPlex 990 for gaming? You might be asking, Can I upgrade the case. The answer is YES, and doing so brings many benefits. Not only will it look much MUCH better, but it will allow for more room and much better airflow then the stock case.

If you have not consider the Dell 990 for a high end gaming budget build, I know it sounds like an oxymoron, check out Dell Optiplex for gaming.

Let’s face it, the stock case is ugly, even worse it only has one exhaust fan and there is not very much room in it for adding things like additions hard drives or a nice GPU. While I was able to fit my AMD RX 580 in the stock case, I had to remove the hard drive mounting chassis and even then it just barely fit. Once that was installed and I started to game for a period of time my Optiplex was get extremely noisy with all the fans on the video card and the exhaust fan screaming at top speed to keep the system cool, which it barely did. At times parts of the case would get HOT! So when I decided to put together my wife a gaming computer using a Dell 990, I decided the first thing I would do is upgrade the case along with the GPU, hard drive and power supply….. And Oh boy, am I jealous! Not only can she play Fortnite at 80-100+ FPS while stream at 720p 30FPS (which I can easily do too 😉 ) but it look Awesome!! not to mention it runs cool and quiet.

OK, that’s enough on selling you on replacing your case. If you found this page your looking for some specific info; is it doable, will the motherboard mount, power button wiring….

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Basic Q&A on upgrading you Dell 990 Mini-tower case.

Can you replace the case on the Dell Optiplex 990?

Yes you Can upgrade the Dell 990s case.

What form factor case does the the Dell 990 motherboard fit in?

Any ATX case.

Will the Dell 990s power supply fit in a new case?

Yes, the power supply is a standard ATX power supply and will fit in any ATX case (if your are gaming, this along with the GPU should be upgraded already).

Will the new case power button connector plug in to the Dell 990 motherboard?

Yes with some minor modifications. See wiring diagram

Can I use the stock Dell 990s case fan in the new case?

Yes, if can be mounted in just about any case.

Ok, so that in the basic questions and answer for replacing the Dell Mid Tower Optiplex 990 case. below is the wiring diagram for the power button as well as the a video on transferring the Dell components to the new case.

Dell 990 Case replacement



How to Dell 990 Power Switch Wiring



Dell Optiplex 990 Power Switch Wiring Diagram Pin out


Dell 990 PS wiring

I hope this is helpful. If you have questions or suggestions please leave a comment below. When I did this build the wiring was the one thing I could not find any info on. I spent quite a bit of time figuring it out. I hope this makes things go faster for you.

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  • awguru  says:

    the other cables on the power switch are for the tri-color LED… 😉

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