Dell T5500 & AMD ATI R9 270x Dual-X Eyefinity Gaming

Dell T5500 With The AMD ATI R9 270x Eyefinity 3 Monitor Setup & Cable Configuration

So last week I decided to take some extra monitors a had and try out the ATI Eyefinity on my Sapphire R9 270 (2GB). I had some issues getting all three monitors to come on at first. After doing some research (I could have just looked at the back to the manual that came with the card, LOL) I found there is a specific configuration for making the R9 recognize all three monitors. The back of the manual shows the following config:

Here is how to setup and plug in your monitor cables for Eyefinity with 3 screans

*DVI to DVI Monitor
*HDMI to HDMI/DVI Adaptor to DVI Monitor
*Display Port(DP) to “Active” DP/DVI to DVI Monitor (the Display Port to DVI Adapter MUST be an ACTIVE adapter.)


*note: for best result use the same monitors or at a minimum use monitor with the same screen size and resolution. I used two Acers and one Dell 20 in monitors with resolutions of 1600X900.

After I hooked up the monitors I use the Catalyst Control Center to setup a Eyefinity group. I was surprised at has easy it was, it walks you through a kind of wizard that was very straight forward.

amd-radeon-settings    radeon-additinal-setting-eyefinity-display-group

One the setup was complete this gave me a 4800X900 resolution across all three monitors.


So far all the game that I already owned and have tried have supported this three monitor config. before I go in the games, here is the specs on my rig:

  • Dell T5500
  • Xeon Quad Core E5620 2.4GHz
  • 15GB DDR3-1333
  • 100GB SSD (for OS)
  • 1TB Hard Drive (for game file storage)
  • Sapphire R9 270 Dual-X 2GB 256-Bit



Titan Falls was the first game I tried, as it is what I play the most, next to Far Cry 4. I was using A 50″ LED 1080P TV, prior, with the graphics setting on “Very High”. It look and played awesome on this TV and settings. When I launched Titan Falls for the first time using Eyefinity, I had to go into the video setting and change either the aspect ratio to from 1080 to Eyefinity to enable the multi screens in the game. I left the graphics setting the same, on “Very High” and found it was unplayable. I had to lower the graphics settings to “Medium” and disabled Ambient Occlusion, this made the game play very well and still look good and smooth. Even with the reduced graphics settings it still look grate and is a lot of fun with the three screens.

Far Cry 4 also required an adjustment to the the resolution (4800X900) settings to enable the 3 screen eyefinity. On this game, with graphics settings on high, it performed AWESOME (My son and I payed for a day strait over the weekend). Just a minor bit of page tear, but hardly noticeable.

The other three games I tried were  Dead Space 3, Syndicate and War Thunder all with the same settings as Far Cry 4 and they perform very well with just some minor page tear, again, hardly noticeable.

All in all, the R9 270 performed very well with the exception of Titan Falls, which I had to set on the “Medium” graphics setting. Since I already had the monitors the only thing I had to purchase was an Active DP/DVI adapter and a HDMI/DVI adapter ($30 for both on Amazon). I must say that even though the three screen setup is smaller then the 50″ I was using, I like the expanded view much better.

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