STO Star Trek Online Ground Build in The Age of Discovery

With Star Trek Online’s roll out of Age of Discovery and the new random queue system we are finding our selves in quite a few more ground PvEs when before. Using the random queue system grants you more rewards then just selecting a particular PvE. I was not a fan at first as I mostly played space matches and was not equipped properly for many advanced ground PvEs. Getting dropped in to a match with a few others that are not equipped properly either would turn into a real nightmare. So I started look around to put together a quick and easy build that would get the job done without having to get real into it. What found is awesome, now I’m not a high end pro or anything so I’m sure there is better builds out there, but I don’t that you will be disappointed with this, not to mention it only require 3 mission run throughs and one piece from the fleet starbase. This will perform very good right out the box and if you upgrade it I don’t know why you would use anything else. Others may already be using this but I did not see it anywhere else and thought I would share.


Kit: Romulan Imperial Navy Kit (Iconian: Uneasy Allies) The Romulan Imperial Nave Kit at MK XII has a +2.2% crit chance and +8.8% crit severity and does increase when upgraded (2.7% $ 10.6% at MK XV).

Armor: Advanced Fleet Recoil Compensating Armor Mk XII [CrtD] ….(Fleet Starbase)

Shield: Na’kuhl Temporal Operative Personal Shield ( Future Proof: The Temporal Front)

Secondary Weapon: Na’kuhl Temporal Operative Assault ( Future Proof: The Temporal Front) “for set bonus with shield”

Primary Weapon: I suggest a plasma based weapon

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