Pokecentral Server Pixelmon Dark Update

Can’t logon to Pokecentral.org?

Update: For the latest on Pokecentral.org Minecraft setup join discordapp.com and follow this link: Pokecentral of Discord.

So, I’m not a Minecraft player, I am my 7 year old sons Minecraft IT guy. That’s almost what you’ll need if you kid wants to install mods on Minecraft for PC. In this post I will discuss an issue we had and in figuring it out I found a much easier way to install and manage mods on Minecraft.

Last week we (my kid) ran into some problems connecting to the Pokecentral.org server. I was able to see it in my server list and could see that other people were on the server but was unable to connect. When I would try I would get the following error.

Connection Lost

Mod Rejections [FMLMod:pixelmon{5.1.4}]

After days of searching, for an answer, Wispen, who I believe is the Pokecentral admin, posted a video on YouTube on how to fix this issue, which I have posted at the bottom. But before I get to that there is a few other things I want to cover which are new in the Minecraft mod world, at least new to me.

So if your like me, in the past to mod Minecraft you would download Mincraft Forge and all the different mods you want, then go to %appdata%………. you know the deal. Then as new versions of the mods would come out to would have to update Forge and your Minecraft verson…. Kind of a nightmare!!!

Then I found Technic’s Platform/Launcher, which is a Minecraft mod down loader and launcher all in one. You simply install Techinc launcher and sign in using you Minecraft email and password. From the Technic platform you are able  to download multiple mods, install and manage them, then launch Minecraft with your desired mod all from this easy to use launcher. It’s like they took the original Minecraft launcher, the Forge combined them and added a mod search and down load function and rapped it all in to one. Well it’s not LIKE, that what they did and it is awesome.

So back to pokecentral, they updated the server to pixelmon dark 1.6 which is why I was unable to access the pokecentral server running the Forge and Pixelmon 5.1.2. In the vid below there shows how to install and setup there is one thing missing. I ran into an issue with not having anought memory (RAM) allocated. I the video he do should had to change this setting, but when I tried to use this I did not have to option to change it to 2 GB and had to down load a different version of Java. So If you have this issue I have also posted a vid on how to do this.


First he gives a preview of the Pixelmon dark upgrade then half way throw goes over how to install the new method.


How to Allocate more RAM to Technic Launcher


Manuel install with out using Technic Launcher



Technic: https://www.technicpack.net/download

Java 64 Bit: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html

Pokecentral server IP: pokecentral.org

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