How to Install Star Trek Continuum Homeworld Remastered Mod in Steam


Star Trek Continuum is a mod for Homeworld Remastered that is a must have for all Star Trek loving PC gamers. This mod replaces all the original Homeworld ships and mother ships withe starships and starbases from Star Trek. It includes five different races to pick from; Star Fleet, Klingons, romulans, Borg and Kardashian (I know, Star Fleet isn’t a race), a few different game modes from invasion to Death match and four distinct time periods with all the appropriate ships and starbases. These guys really did an excellent job on this mod, the graphics are amazing and a game play is out of this world.

The mod can be installed using the steam client on your computer and is very easy and straightforward. Below you will find instructions and screenshots on how to enable this mod . The mod is actually provided through the Steam’s Workshop and can be enabled in the Steam app without having to do any rearranging program files or downloading from any shady sites. I was actually pretty surprised at how straightforward it was.

1.) Launch your Steam client and login.

2.) Hover over Community and select Workshop from the drop-down.


3.) In the search field type in Homeworld and select Homeworld Remastered Collection.


4.) Select the tab labeled Most Subscribed.


5.) Click on Star Trek: Continuum.


6.) Click on Subscribe

The mod is almost 1 gig and may take a little while to download, I have also found that it does not always appear in your download list, it’s ok, in some cases you will also have to restart your steam client. Don’t forget to exit Steam in your system tray.


7.) To check and see if the mod is ready or to launch the mod, go to your library.


8.) Select Homeworld and click Play.


9.) Once the game launcher appears there will be a button that says Mods in the bottom right-hand corner, click it.

* If you do not see the mod button it has not finished downloading and installing are you may need to kill the steam client.


10.) On the Mods selection screen there will be three boxes, in the box that is labeled Available Mods click on Star Trek Continuum Remastered and click select (*If Star Trek: Continuum Remastered is not listed in the Available Mods box the mod is not ready or you need to exit Steam and relaunch it). once you click select Star Trek: Continuum Remastered should appear in the Box labeled Selected Mods on the right hand side.


11.) select launch.


This was a little bit of a different process compared to what I was used to when modding games. I think it was more so the terminology used to do this in terms of the “Subscribe” function, must be a Steam thing. Nevertheless pretty straightforward and I have to say best mod I’ve ever played. Granite that’s probably a little biased since I love Star Trek.

If you have questions or problems please comment on the bottom and I will do my best to help you.

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